Passionate about our beautiful country, South Africa and the wealth of talent that goes to waste due
to lack of opportunity and finance, the Doilie Foundation was founded in 2012 by Elzabé Zietsman who
believes a nation poor in art is indeed a poor nation.


The primary goal of the Doilie Foundation is to financially, socially and morally assist disadvantaged
kids with artistic talent to realise their dreams and fulfil their potential.


We recognise the fact that art and artistic talent very often take the back seat while those of sport and
academic achievement drive the vehicle. We appreciate that the development of our youth in the fields of
academics and sport are vital to the future of our nation, but we also know that the development of art
is essential for the health of any nation. We believe we can provide and create exciting opportunities
to develop and make a difference in the lives of less fortunate children who are artistically talented and
thereby positively contribute towards the health of the nation in our exceptional country.

THE Doilie Foundation understands that all forms of art are underdeveloped in South Africa. We are stepping
into the gap with the intention of making a change in the current disposition, by developing arts
through the edification and cultivation of highly talented youngsters who would otherwise not have had an opportunity.


* To recognise robust talent and potential of each young person in our care.
* To nurture the gift of talent through education and access to facilities and opportunities.
* To develope the individual artist.
* To have compassion and empathy for the artist and the artist’s ambitions.
* To support youth with an unquestionable morality, work of exacting quality and high levels of integrity.
* To appreciate the impact art has in bettering the lives of the talented youth, their families and their communities.
* To believe that art is an essential component in reaching social cohesion and promoting South Africa’s heritage.
* To support our children through all the challenges that they may be faced with as young artists while under the
care of the Doilie Foundation.


Executive Board Members

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Richard Breytenbach: Chairman | Elzabé Zietsman: Founder Member | Janine Neethling: Founder Member

Non-Executive Members

Gary de Klerk (CEO) | Ierephaan Abrahams | Nthati Moshesh | Shemane Harris  | Brenda Sakelarides